Why Plastic Toys Are Popular Than Wooden Toys

The toy industry generates a lot of revenue every year, with many toys being manufactured in the country and others being imported to the country. Plastic toys are the most popular, but there are still some wooden toys on the market. Plastic toys are usually made using a process known as plastic injection moulding.

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Why Plastic Toys are Popular

i) They are cheaper

It is much cheaper to produce plastic toys than wooden toys. This is because plastic pellets are only heated to melt them before they can be injected into a mould. Wooden toys have to be curved or machined, which is a costly process that can result in a lot of errors. With plastic injection molding, damaged pieces are usually recycled by melting the defective pieces and reusing the molten material. It is also important to note that plastic pellets are also much cheaper than timber. 

ii) Plastic is Eco-friendly

Old plastic toys can be recycled, which makes plastic toys an eco-friendly option. Plastics can help protect the environment by preventing the cutting down of trees to make wooden toys. To protect the planet, everyone should use plastic toys instead of wooden toys. 

iii) They are Easy to Produce

The process of plastic injection moulding can produce a lot of toys within a short period. The ability to mass-produce plastic toys is one of the factors that make plastic toys popular with manufacturers. Since the low cost of production that comes with mass production can be passed down to consumers, these toys are generally cheaper. 

iv) Rot Resistant

Wooden toys can rot if they are exposed to high humidity for extended periods. Wood can also develop mold and mildew among other types of fungus that can harm your child. That is why most parents prefer plastic toys to wooden toys. 

v) Versatility

Plastic can be moulded to create toy designs that are more intricate than timber. This means that a wider range of toys can be made with plastic than wood. 

What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

This is the process of producing plastic products from molten plastic pellets. A special type of machine is normally used for this purpose. Small plastic pellets are normally used as raw materials. The machine has two key components. The first is the heater, which produces the heat needed to melt the pellets. The other key component is the mould. This is where the molten plastic is injected into and cooled to create the desired toy as the molten plastic cools down. Once the toy is taken out of the mould, finishing can be done to ensure the desired toy design is obtained. 

Most plastic injection moulding machines use either the ram-type or the screw-type plunger to pump the molten plastic or thermoplastic resin into the mould cavity.

Manufacturing Plastic Toys

It is important to note that many companies are nowadays outsourcing the manufacturing of toys to overseas manufacturers. This is because there are countries with companies that possess immense manufacturing capabilities and can produce the same toys cheaply and faster.